"The Quarantine Sessions - Vol. I"

"The Artist is Irrelevant" debut album:

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Throughout the years I've frequently questioned myself on the importance of artists and their experiences in the way we perceive their art. Would "OK Computer" be such a revolutionary album if it was released by a completely unknown band? And what is the real importance of the stories behind the songs? Would "Sea Change" have the same emotional impact if we didn't know about the breakup that inspired it?

“The Artist is Irrelevant” was born out of the idea that any song - or any piece of art, for that matter - is an empty vessel until the moment it reaches someone’s ears and heart. It is only when someone listens to the music and projects his/her own joys and frustrations into it, that it gains substance and meaning. From that moment on, it no longer belongs to the author and takes a life of its own, as it becomes an integral part of the listener's memories from that moment. That’s why music has the incredible power to transport us back in time whenever we hear a song that we haven’t heard in a long time. In that sense, the artist or any explanation about the music is completely irrelevant: it can mean whatever you want it to mean, there is no right or wrong interpretation. Ultimately, all that matters is the emotional connection that the listener will create with the songs.

This is why this artist will remain anonymous but the music will be available for free for anyone who wants to listen. Hopefully, it might become the soundtrack to your memories for this point in time.


Instead of explaining through words what influenced me, I much rather let music do the talking. Here are some of the artists and songs that inspired me during the writing of this album:


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